February 6, 2014


Victorino Matus, Asst. Managing Editor, The Weekly Standard

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Dr. Brent McKenzie August 18, 2014 at 12:12 pm

Dear Mr. Matus, my name is Brent McKenzie and I am a marketing professor at the University of Guelph in Canada. The reason for my writing is that I recently read your book about vodka, and found it very interesting. I am currently working on a research project on how to develop a “vodka trail” in Estonia (the historic Manor Houses all used to make their own vodka for the manor residents and local towns). I have been interested in the cultural and local aspect of vodka (less so the physcial product) and was interested that some of your findings were similar (i.e. the marketing/branding seems to often be more important). I was interested to know if you came across many instances where the “area of origin” or the importance of the role of the where the product was made/distilled. Currenlty there is only one brand, Moe, in Estonia that is made from local grains, distilled, and bottled in Estonia, even though there has been a push to define what “Estonian Vodka” really means. Any insights or thoughts would be appreciated.
Best regards,
Brent McKenzie


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